samedi 31 janvier 2009

The Apostolic Succession From The Russian Ortodox Church

Dear Confraters in the Episcopate
Please find a new file of mine on Scribd, having as subject, “The Episcopate of Aftimios Ofiesh, (55 pages)


For a long period of time, not much had been said about the Episcopacy of Archbishop Aftimios Oliesh. It is only during the past few years that we have been able to gather some information about the bishop and his ministry to the Church in North America. We have rediscovered one of the great luminaries of Orthodoxy – a man who was before his time. He envisioned necessary institutions for the Church, worked closely with the poor and struggling immigrants, established missions and parishes, and the greatest gift of all – Orthodox administrative unity in the New World for all people, of all ethnic backgrounds; We own a great deal to his wisdom and vision. If in the later part of his life he felt rejection and failure, it was not because of him; rather it was because the people of his time as well as clergy were not ready to share his vision. We have the Russian Apostolic Succession of Saint Andrew, and Saint Peter of Antioch through Archbishop André Barbeau (Canada); Archbishop Roger Caro (Pierre Phoebus) (France), and Archbishop Nils Bertil Alexandre Persson, and Archbishop Philippe Laurent De Coster.

It is a very important document for those clergy recognising themselves in the Russian lineage, with lots of documents for your archives. It will soon be published on our website:

Have a blessed Lord’s Day,

Yours in Christ,

+ Philippe Laurent De Coster

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